Garden Entries

You are invited to open your garden or host a garden inspired event or workshop as part of our Festival of Gardens. After assessment you are then invited to register your garden for inclusion in the Gardivalia brochure and on the website for 2019.

Criteria for Open Gardens in Gardivalia 2019

Participants who have registered an Expression of Interest for their garden for Gardivalia 2019 will be contacted closer to the time. We will organise a time for a horticulturalist/committee member to visit your garden to discuss the criteria for gardens participating in Gardivalia and to answer any questions you may have.

Garden Entry Price Guidlines: Generally a smaller, town garden that holds visitor interest for about 15 mins would charge a $5 entry fee. Children free

Generally a garden with acreage and holds visitor interest for 20 minutes and longer would charge a $10 entry fee. Children free

However, some small gardens may have collections and rare plants and other reasons that hold the interest of visitors, and may wish to charge $10 entry. Children Free.

Some Gardeners may also wish to give a Seniors or Pensioner concession, this would only apply to the $10 entry fee and would reduce it to a $5 entry fee.

The entry price is the choice of the Gardener and these are guidelines only.

For queries email

Registrations close on 16th June 2019

Forms for 2019 are not yet available, however we are very happy to receive your Expression of Interest details required below:


Gardivalia Festival of Gardens
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