Darley Grange





Garden Details

701 Bloomfield Rd, Nilma North VIC 3821, Australia
Sat/Sun 20th and 21st. Sat/Sun 27th and 28th. Please book for mid week. Phone: 5626 8237
1 x Ticket = $5

Description: My large garden has 80 different and stunning bearded iris. A very old Irish strawberry tree and an amazing elkhorn as well as hundreds of plants and orchids.

Plant stall.

Directions: From Nilma follow Bloomfield Rd for 7km. The garden is on the left just past the high tension wires.

Wheelchair access: The garden is flat with some paths and mown lawn. Mostly accessible.

Phone: 5626 8237


Darley Grange
Gardivalia Festival of Gardens
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